Celebrity allergies revealed

Britney Spears: Bee Stings (Photo: Instagram)
Britney Spears: Bee Stings (Photo: Instagram)

Following the recent tweet from singer Dua Lipa detailing United Airlines’ refusal to acknowledge the severity of her sister’s peanut allergy on a recent flight, we decided to delve deeper into the world of celebrity allergies and see how it affects the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

  1. Alex Kapranos: Peanuts

Alex Kapranos, lead singer of indie band Franz Ferdinand, mistakenly ate a peanut ahead of a live gig in 2013, suffering a mild reaction that was luckily treated by an on hand medical professional. The singer who regularly travels for performances across the globe, has learnt to say “I have a peanut allergy” in several languages so that he can communicate his needs to airline staff.

  1. Kate Middleton: Horses

An unfortunate allergy for the wife of a royal who is obsessed with all things equestrian and who regularly plays polo matches which she, as a dutiful wife, also attends. Luckily for Kate, allergies to animals can be treated with an antihistamine or with the help of a desensitisation programme.

Tiger Woods: Pollen (Photo: Instagram)
Tiger Woods: Pollen (Photo: Instagram)
  1. Tiger Woods: Pollen

Everyday sufferers of pollen allergies tend to avoid the outside in springtime when pollen is rife; this might prove difficult for golf legend Tiger Woods whose career and livelihood rest on him being able to make crucial shots from tee to green. It is likely that Tiger relies on prescription medication to keep his allergy at bay during major tournaments.

  1. Jeremy Clarkson: Nickel

This is quite a nasty allergy which Jeremy found out he had when he developed a series of scabs on his legs after wearing a pair of jeans. Working in the automotive industry, this allergy can be problematic as cars contain many different types of metals. Jeremy combats this by applying nail polish to any metal car parts that contain nickel. Matt orange is this season’s must have colour btw Jeremy.

  1. Beyoncé: Perfumes

You are probably familiar with this sassy singer’s own line of perfumes, but due to the allergic reaction she suffers from most scents and colognes, hers are chemically altered so that she can promote them without any ill effects. That’s one way to independent way to overcome an allergy.

Kim Kardashian: Cats (Photo: Instagram)
Kim Kardashian: Cats (Photo: Instagram)
  1. Kim Kardashian: Cats

Considering her love of animal print, it seems ironic that Kim K is allergic to our feline friends. Sufferers of allergies to cats show symptoms of red eyes and itchy skin; not the look Kim will be going for on her many Instagram posts. Someone pass the girl some concealer asap.

  1. Britney Spears: Bee Stings

Being allergic to bee stings can send sufferers into an anaphylactic shock if they have a severe enough reaction. Britney herself breaks out in nasty hives when stung, which is probably the reason why she has so few gigs outside. Not that it has done any harm to her career; Britney is set to make $500k per show in her next Las Vegas Strip residency.


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