Leslie Jones Is Ones Unhappy Customer With Jessica Alba’s Honest Company

If there’s something strange with your Honest Company order, who you gonna call? Leslie Jones!

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones spilled the green tea on social media when she decided to call out both the Honest Company and Jessica Alba by name—or at least Twitter handle—, saying that her most recent experiences with the actress business had been a “nightmare.”

“Ok @Honest you just lost a good customer,” Jonas declared. “@jessicaalba please address your company that is not doing good business. I have use your company for more than three years now and these last three orders have been a nightmare! I have spent too much money here for that to happen!”

Jones then went on to explain she had purchased diaper cakes, a trending gift at baby showers where diapers are arranged in the form of a tiered cake, but apparently didn’t receive the gift when expected, even though she had paid $50 extra for the item to be delivered earlier.

“Next day air should not be a f— option. It should be made clear that the order is sent after processing which you don’t do,” Jones wrote. She continued: “It’s not overnight if it gets there in a week […] The last three orders were late. It wasn’t like that before.”

The Saturday Night Live alum public slam quickly prompted an apology both from the company’s official Twitter and a direct response from the Honest Company’s founder, Jessica Alba herself, who said her team was “all over the issue” and added “I’m a huge fan of yours.”

Well, seems like the comedian is no longer laughing off the issues she has been having with Alba’s all-natural company!


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