Twitter Is Demanding Netflix’s “Insatiable” To Be Cancelled Immediately—And Here’s Why

Netflix has been hailed for breaking stereotypes and making the entertainment industry more inclusive with hit productions like Queer Eye, Sense 8, and GLOW. However, Twitter has declared the streaming giant’s new show Insatiable is regressive and harmful.

And for good reason.

The soon-to-be released show centers around Patty, played by Debby Ryan, an outsider who is constantly bullied due to her weight, which, mind you, is just the Disney channel alum donning a fat suit. Her life takes a turn when she has he jaw wired shut after being violently attacked and becomes hot over the summer. Returning to high school in the fall much thinner, she vows to get revenge on those who made her life miserable.

In short, Insatiable is a movie all about the outdated stereotype of a plus-size women, nay, a teenager being only important and happy when she loses the extra weight and finally fits the unrealistic, harmful beauty standards set by western society.

Isn’t that a little too uncreative and fatphobic, Netflix?

People on the internet are calling out Netflix and Debby Reynolds for promoting negative, toxic stereotypes regarding overweight women, eating disorders, and self-acceptance overall. See the reactions ranging from outrage to utter disappointment to the Insatiable trailer in our photo gallery above.


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