Jane Fonda Reveals Her Best Tips For Intimate Relationships

Jane Fonda’s secret for achieving her ageless good looks is not all makeup and a good fashion stylist.

In a recent interview while promoting her new movie alongside Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen, the 80-year-old actress opened up about maintaining a sex life in your older years, and, honestly, we can’t wait to be 60 and plus!

“For women it gets better because we understand our bodies more,” Fonda said about having sex when you’re an elderly. “We know what we need and we know what we like and we’re less afraid to ask for it.”

She went on to explain why intimate relationships, unlike popular belief, get better with age. “Also, what’s good is that men tend to slow down a little more as they get older. Slow is the operative word, finally they get it… or they’re forced to get it.”

But the action itself isn’t the only thing that adjusts as you approach the 70-year-old mark. “You want lightning to change as you get older. Lighting is important,” she said about introducing a sexier atmosphere into the bedroom. “We tend to want a lot of candles and I usually carry a red scarf with me to put over the lamp. Dark is good,” Fonda joked.

Seems like she did learn a thing or two reading Fifty Shades of Grey in her movie Book Club!


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