Khloé Kardashian Finally Explains Why She Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret For So Long

It was one of the worst kept secrets, anyways.

By the time Khloé Kardashian confirmed she was pregnant with her first child back in December, most of us already knew the sex of the baby. However, she’s now revealing why she was so keen to hide the news—if that’s what you call “hiding” anyway.

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the new mom explained she held off on sharing the news of her pregnancy because she was doing her also pregnant little sister Kylie Jenner a favor.

“I am really anxious to announce my pregnancy, but Kylie’s three months ahead of me and I want to give her her own time to shine and let her do her thing,” Khloé explained during the episode. “But Kylie keeps going back and forth on whether she will announce. Waiting is so frustrating because my body is changing and people are super invasive and just not being respectful,” she said.

Kim Kardashian decided to sort out the situation herself and explained to her younger sister that Khloé was trying to be respectful and let her announce her news first. But Kylie still seemed reluctant to come forward with her pregnancy.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to announce that I’m pregnant. I just don’t want to be in the spotlight,” Kylie told Khloé over the phone. “You should go ahead. You don’t have to wait for me, you should announce—it’s exciting for you too,” she encouraged her sister.

And the rest is history.

At the end, a 5-months-pregnant Khloé announced she and Tristan Thomopson were pregnant with their daughter True with a black and white, blatantly-sponsored-by-Calvin-Klein picture that garnered over 78 million likes on Instagram.

Unlike her sister, Kylie shied away from the spotlight and instead decided to wait until the birth of her daughter Stormi to share the news of her pregnancy with her fans with an adorable 11-minute YouTube video documenting her secret road to motherhood.

In a recent interview with Vogue Australia, the 21-year-old self-made billionaire explained why she chose to hide her pregnancy despite months of speculations that she and boyfriend Travis Scott were expecting.

“I just knew that it would be better for me, and I oculd enjoy the whole experience if I did it privately,” Kylie told the publication. “I just felt like it was a sacred special moment and I wasn’t ready to share it with everybody. I just wanted to keep that to myself,” she added.

Well, hopefully Khloé and Kylie will manage to actually keep a secret their next pregnancies.


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