Noah Cyrus Is In Her First Ever Relationship With Rapper Lil Xan

Miley Cyrus baby sister Noah Cyrus is allegedly dating emerging Soundcloud in the cusp of real fame, musician Lil Xan.

Judging by their recent social media posts, there’s no doubt the Stay Together singer and Diego Leanos—his real name—are in a relationship together, though it’s unclear just how serious this new pair are.

“Right now, Xan and Noah are just keeping it casual, and haven’t really established an official title for their relationship,” an insider told New. “That’s the way these kids are doing it these days, they’re never officially in a relationship.”

Though the couple has remained silent about their alleged romance, they did make their Instagram debut earlier this week. Cyrus, 18, posted a photo of herself with Xan, 21, in which the rapper has his arms around her and kisses her cheek. That was the first of multiple photos featuring each other on their Instagram pages.

However, despite of their cheesy pet-calling and their PDA-packed snaps, some on social media seem to think that Lil’ Xan and Noah are dating purely as a marketing tactic—which would make sense given that both up-and-coming artists are embarking on their respective tours later this year.

Isn’t her family name a good enough PR stunt? Seems like there are other ways to have your career take off: a publicist-induced coupling. Noah and Xan are a match made in, well, their manager’s office?


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