Topher Grace Finally Reveals The Truth About His Brief Romance With Ivanka Trump

Meeting for the first time with the father of the girl you’re dating is already scary on its own. Now, add that he’s weirdly obsessed with his daughter, an intimidating billionaire, and one of the most disapproved presidents in the history of the country—and probably the world. Not sure we’d want to have Donald Trump for a father-in-law.

Luckily, actor Topher Grace skipped that bullet years ago. And now, he’s telling the story.

In 2005, it was reported that Spiderman III and That 70’S Show star was dating Ivanka Trump after reportedly hooking up at a nightclub in Vegas, shortly after she had broken up with her ex, Bingo Gubelmann. And although reps for neither ever confirmed nor denied the story, Topher is now setting the record straight.

“Uh… I did,” he confirmed when asked if he had dated President Trump’s oldest daughter in an interview with the Daily Beast. “Certainly it wasn’t a political statement. This was a decade ago. I met her here in New York and we went on a couple of dates.”

Grace also revealed that he “never met her father,” and when given a joking suggestion that he could play her husband, Jared Kushner, in the inevitable Trump biopic, he laughingly responded, “I don’t know man.”

What’s wrong, Topher? You’re not a fan of the Donald?

“It’s a daily deluge,” he said of the president and his never-ending dramas. “I can’t even think what the scandal was five weeks ago.”

Sad, but true—both the fact that he dated Ivanka and his opinion about Donald Trump!


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