Apple’s New iPhone Xs And Xs Max Are Ridiculously Expensive And Twitter Wallets Are Aching

Prepare yourself to be reminded of your poverty, once again, courtesy by Apple.

It is that time of the year when Apple decides to “innovate” making their prices just as big as their new screens.

Earlier this week, the fruit logo company unveiled its new iPhone XS and XS Max, which Apple’s CEO Tim Cook called “the most advanced iPhone” the tech company has ever created, due to features such as 12 MP wide-angle camera, improved life, and up to 512GB capacity.

However, Twitter aren’t sure that the new added features are worth its whooping price tag that starts at $999 and goes up to an outrageous $1,449. Still, people are already doing the math in their heads trying to figure out which bill isn’t going to get paid so they can get the offensively expensive phone.

See how Twitter collectively cried tears of sadness as Apple announced its new ridiculously expensive iPhone Xs and Xs Max in our photo gallery above.


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