Happy International Peace Day! 11 Stars Doing The Peace Sign

The peace sign, the V, the deuces. Whatever you want to call it, your favorit stars doing the peace sign has revived the two-finger salute!

While it used to be your go-to wannabe it-girl pose during the 90’s, looking back, flashing out the peace sign every time you went out the door, when posing for a photo, or basically whenever you wanted to be hip, actually made you look little less than an utter dork (or perhaps it was your atrocious low-rise embellished jeans or those tragic tinted sunglasses).

But today, celebrities have not only brought back the peace sign, but they’ve also managed to make it cool again, greeting fans and cameras at Hollywood’s most exclusive events with the iconic hand gesture.

So, in honor of International Peace Day, a day devoted to strengthen the ideals of peace, here are 10 stars doing the peace sign. And before you say anything about this date having nothing to do with glamorous red carpets appearances—at least celebrities are spreading some peace while they’re at it, amiright?


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