Kanye West Makes His Second Triumphant Return To Instagram

Kanye West is officially back from his Instagram coma.

Earlier this year, the Chicago native ended his social media hiatus with a 9-hour love-sharing spree, spamming our timelines with photos of memorable couples in pop culture— including him and Kim, of course—on Valentine’s Day. And though many of us hoped the millennial-style romantic gesture meant he was back on IG for good, Yeezy quietly disappeared from the medium again.

And now, after a six-month absence on Instagram, the rapper has made his second triumphant return to the platform, so far with only three mysterious posts in quick succession on Tuesday morning.

The first photo is an image of a Colombia hills landscape. The second shows a rough sketch that appears to be the mountains that Ye is referring to in his previous post. And the final image shows a cartoon that he presumably made of Canadian designer and YEEZY consultant Matt George.

But why is Kanye West back on Instagram?

Without context, any explanation, or at least captions, for that matter, this deeper look into Kanye’s creative design side certainly is a little confusing. But, honestly, we’re already used to Ye’s tendency of blurting out his thoughts on the regular. The only difference is that this time, he simply crayoned them out.

Welcome back, Kanye!


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