Kanye’s Apology To Drake And 6 Other Times He’s Had To Beg For Forgiveness

Kanye west prides himself on being unapologetically Kanye. But sometimes, even Yeezy has to take a bite of the humble pie and say sorry for his bold, often nonsense, but always controversial proclamations.

Though some of his words can be taken lightly as comical—like that time he called himself “the most relevant voice on the planet Earth”—, other times, Kanye’s comments are borderline offensive and deliberately insensitive—like when he had the audacity to call slavery “a choice.”

Now, Kanye is now again admitting guilty and lamented his role in the Pusha T and Drake “Jedy level” beef. “Sending good energy and love to Drake and family and crew,” he started a Twitter thread in which he later admitted he should’ve stayed away from the drama.

And since we can really appreciate a humble Kanye—even when we all know there has to be another motif behind her remorse other than peace of mind—we’ve combed through the archives and found 6 other times Kanye has apologized over the years.

See Mr. Ego begging for forgiveness in our photo gallery above. Sometimes Kanye is too Kanye for his own good!


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