Selena Deleted Her Most Liked Instagram And No One Knows Why

She might be the most-followed person on Instagram, but Selena Gomez’ ways on social media is pretty incoherent. First, she went on an intensive purge bringing her following count down to 12 people. Now, Selena deleted her most liked Instagram post without any apparent reason.

The now-vanished post was taken last week during New York Fashion Week The picture featured Selena wearing a tube top and a sleek high ponytail, holding on to a red drink, and casually resting her head on a finger.

While there really isn’t anything particularly special about the photo, it quickly garnered over 10.8 million likes, topping Selena’s previous record of 10.6 million which she received on the pic from her kidney transplant. Although that didn’t last long, because Selene deleted the picture less than 48 hours after posting it.

Guess you can afford to delete a picture with nearly 11 million likes when you already have one out of the 14 most liked Instagram posts ever.

But why would she do it?! Some people seem to believe that it was because of speculation that the 26-year-old had received a breast augmentation. “I’m not sure why she deleted it but I know there was a lot of comments under it about her boobs being fake and she got a boob job done, one fan pointed out.

Was Selena really that bothered by those plastic surgery rumors? Could this be a PR stunt? Is this really news-worthy? The reason why Selena deleted her most liked Instagram remains a mystery.


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