10 Widely Successful Celebrities Who Were Bullied As Kids

These celebrities who were bullied as kids turned the hate against them into million-dollar careers.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone wishing to beat up or seek to injure one of our favorite celebs. Whether on screen or on stage, they are talented, charismatic, and successful. Not to mention most of them are terribly good looking.

So why would any of them be made a target for bullies?

Bullying is a universal problem that affects everyone in society—celebrities included. And while they all still are targets of hate due to the consequence-free nature of social media, many famous people were bullied throughout their entire childhood.

But it eventually got better. And now that they’ve reached international stardom and are loved and praised by millions, these celebrities who were bullied as kids are now using their platform to speak against this abusive behavior.

In honor of National Stop Bullying Day, here are the stories of 10 widely successful celebrities who were bullied and how their experiences fueled their success. Click through our photo gallery above and see by yourself that it will get better!


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