Ariana Grande Gushes About The New “Love Of [Her] Life” Following Her Split From Pete Davidson

Just 10 days after she broke up with Mac Miller, Ariana Grande had already moved on to her next relationship with the Saturday Night Live comedian. And now, the No Tears Left To Cry hit maker has quickly fill the empty space in her heart yet again following her split from Pete Davidson.

Ariana recently took to Twitter to reveal the love of her life—which is none other than Piggy Smallz, the pet pig she brought home when she was still engaged to the previous love of her life.

When a Twitter user asked her how her pet pig is doing, the singer gushingly responded, “the absolute love of my life …………. I have no idea what I did …… to deserve her.”

Piggy Smallz clearly is human enough to be Pete Davidson’s replacement. However, when it comes to music, “she is [just] a pig,” as Ari accurately pointed out when another fan asked her what are the pig’s favorite songs on the Sweetener album.

Grande introduced Piggy Smallz last month, when she was still in a relationship with Pete. The comedian revealed how the pet came to live with Ariana saying, “She was like, ‘I want a pig,’ and an hour later, it was just there. You know what I mean?” He the joked, “Like, I’m still trying to get Propecia refill for the last two weeks. This chick got a pig in a f— hour. She was like, ‘I want a pig’ and the it was there. It was f— dope.”

Guess it wasn’t as dope when he lost Piggy Smallz’ custody after their split. Amirite, Pete?


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