Game of Thrones Star Richard Madden Could Be The Next James Bond

We don’t want to get our hopes too high with these new rumors of the next James Bond. But it is pretty hard not to get too excited with Richard Madden.

Daniel Craig hasn’t even start filming his fifth and final outing as 007 and there already is yet another rumor of who will be the next James Bond. And we aren’t talking about Idris Elba or Tom Hardy. This time, it is Richard Madden who is said to be the top choice to slip into a tuxedo and hold that Walther PPK.

According to The Sun (yeah, better be skeptical), it is “seriously looking like [Madden] is going to get the job.” Because the Scottish actor is not only on top of Broccoli’s, the Bond producer, list, but she is even “preparing to offer the role.”

Madden is perhaps best known for his role on Game of Thrones, in which he played Robb Stark, the King in the North. He starred in the show for 3 seasons until he was brutally slaughtered (along with mother, pregnant wife, and most of his men-at-arms) in the iconic Red Wedding.

The 32-year-old actor also recently appeared in Bodyguard, a BBC drama in which he plays Sergeant David Budd, a war veteran and bodyguard of a British Cabinet official. For those outside of the UK will be able to watch it on Netflix on October 24.

But don’t get too excited. After the whole Idris Elba fiasco, we better take these reports about the next James Bond with a hearty pinch of salt. After all, 007 generated more unreliable rumors than most film roles.


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