Get Your Spook On! Our 10 Favorite Halloween TV Episodes

With Halloween creeping around the corner, the best way to get excited about the holiday is to look back on our favorite Halloween TV episodes!

Forget about Christmas! Halloween is actually the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time for costume parties, pumpkin spice lattes (yes—we’re that basic), and binge-watching spooky stuff (hopefully something that is actually scary) while hiding under a cozy blanket.

But while we can never pass up Halloween staples like The Shinning or The Nightmare Before Christmas, horror movies are by no means the only thing to watch with the season of trick and treats upon us. In fact, few things get us in the Halloween spirit like television—particularly classic episodes from our beloved TV shows that directly deal with the actual holiday.

Now, most of these episodes aren’t super scary—not even spooky, to be quite honest. But they are festive enough to give your Halloween a chuckle. Check out our 10 favorite Halloween TV episodes in our photo gallery above.

NOTE: Don’t worry. This list does not include the disappointing latest Modern Family Halloween episode. These ones are actually good.


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