Is Not Just Channing – Jenna Dewan Is Dating Someone New Too!

Jenna Dewan is dating someone new and our dreams and hopes of ever seeing her back together with Channing are slowly starting to die.

Last week it was reported that Channing Tatum is dating Jessie J, just six months after announcing his split from Jenna Dewan. And though the news of his new fling took the world by surprise, it didn’t even phase Jenna. Why? Because, apparently, she’s moved on too.

Jenna Dewan is dating someone new. According to multiple outlets, the actress and dancer is also seeing other people. And not only that, but an Us Weekly source has even suggested one of those dates could be turning into a relationship.

So far, the identity of said lucky, lucky man is still under wraps. However, we probably wouldn’t recognize him anyways because, as the insider reports, Jenna’s mystery beau is not “well known.” We’re still dying to learn his name, though.

So, yeah, Jenna Dewan is dating someone new, and so is Channing Tatum. But, are we really shaken? I mean, after all, being that incredibly hot and charismatic, it was impossible that this two would remain single for too long.


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