Piers Morgan Mocked Daniel Craig for Carrying Her Baby And Twitter Ain’t Having It

Piers Morgan’s oh soy manly feathers were ruffled when he saw a picture of James Bond actor Daniel Craig carrying his weeks-old daughter with wife Rachel Weisz as he strolled around the streets of New York.

The “emasculating papoose” was son alarming to the British journalist that he felt the need to speak about it on social media. “Oh 007… not you as well!” Piers Morgan mocked Daniel Craig, which is pretty ironic because:

  1. Piers Morgan is in no position of calling another man anything less than manly.
  2. There’s nothing sexier than a man taking care of their child
  3. Daniel Craig could kick the crap out of Piers even while still carrying his child in the papoose.

Understandably, Morgan’s tweet was met with criticism on social media for being outdated and misogynistic since it implied that using a baby carrier is something women do and not “masculine” figures like James Bond.

Click to see how Twitter reacted when Piers Morgan mocked Daniel Craig and his papoose. May we just add that Morgan is, ironically, making fun of a picture where Craig looks like he just climbed a mountain to save that baby and ran back down, narrowly escaping an avalanche. That sounds pretty James Bond-y to me.


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