Rumors That Lady Gaga Is Playing Ursula Are Hurting Our Poor Unfortunate Souls

Rumors are swirling around that Lady Gaga is playing Ursula in the upcoming Little Mermaid live-action remake. But, Disney, please keep those just like that: rumors.

There are plenty of reasons why Ursula is not only our favorite villainess, but also one of our favorite Disney characters of all time. Like a good business woman, she made everything absolutely clear for Ariel when she stupidly signed that contract. Though her motives are not always good, she stands for what she believes in, and we can respect that. Not to mention she’s the sassiest creature in all seven seas.

However, above all things, the reason why we love Ursula so much is because she was the movie’s actual hero for all of us who identify as curvy, delicious, and/or fat. She taught to embrace our curves and how to shimmy our rolls proudly!

And that’s precisely why these rumors that Lady Gaga is playing Ursula are absolutely outrageous. Because as much as we love our Mother Monster, the evil witch from under the sea should absolutely be played by a fat person.

And no, the whole “if Ariel can be black, Ursula can be skinny” argument is invalid since there’s no shortage of thin people in media. So try again.

Click through our photo gallery above to see how Twitter’s poor unfortunate soul is being hurt by the reports that Lady Gaga is playing Ursula. You can go ahead and kiss the girl these rumors goodbye because we ain’t taking it, Disney!


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