Who Is John Miller? Meet Jennifer Garner’s First Boyfriend Since Her Divorce From Ben Affleck

Who is John Miller? Much more than just Jennifer Garner’s dream boyfriend.

In case you missed it, Jennifer Garner has found love again in John Miller. But given that Jen’s new beau isn’t necessarily well-known¸ this is probably the first time you’ve ever heard the guy’s name. Unless, of course, you’re a die-hard CaliBurger fan and connoisseur. But you’ll get that later.

At first sight it is easy to see why Jen has fallen in love with the entrepreneur. I mean—the guy is HOT! But there’s much more to John Miller other than his irresistible good looks. Because this guy happens to have the looks AND the brains.

So who is John Miller? Click through our photo gallery above to learn everything there’s to know about Jennifer Garner’s new boyfriend and see by yourself why it’s hard not to be smitten!


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