Hailey Bieber Confirms Her Marriage To Justin With Brand New Name On Instagram

Hailey Bieber, ladies and gentlemen! The model seemingly confirmed the theories that she is a married lady when she changed her name to Bieber on social media over the weekend.

As of Friday, the 21-year- old’s new Instagram handle is Hailey Rhode Bieber, a note to her alleged husband, Justin Bieber, 24.

And as if officially locking up the coveted moniker wasn’t enough suggestion that the two actually got married back in September, the pop singer also took to Instagram to post a photo with the ultimate status update.

“My wife is awesome,” Bieber captioned a picture of himself and the now Hailey Bieber walking and holding hands.

The subtle confirmations that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are husband and wife come after she filed to trademark her married name last month. For purposes of a clothing line, Hailey registered Hailey Bieber under her company, Rhodedeodato Corp.

The famous pair are yet to confirm reports suggesting they said “I do” a couple months ago. But him referring to her as “wife” and her changing her name to Hailey Bieber is pretty much all the confirmation we need.


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