Not Beyoncé Nor Taylor Swift… Katy Perry Is The Highest Paid Woman In Music

This is how she does. Katy Perry is the highest paid woman in music, edging out her rival former rival Taylor Swift in the process.

According to the calculations of Forbes, Katy Perry was the hithe monarch of music earnings in 2018, ranking in an impressive $83 million pre-tax between June 2017 and June 2018.

The majority of Perry’s annual income came from her highly successful worldwide Witness tour, which included 80 dates and average $1 million per night. Forbes also credits her job as a judge on American Idol for contributing the bulk of the cash receipts, which reportedly netted her a further $20 million.

Though Katy Perry risen from her 2017 position as the ninth highest paid woman in music to become the top earner, her $83 million are far behind Beyoncé’s $105 million pretax earning of last year.

Queen B, however, now sits in third place with an estimated $60 million in earning. Taylor Swift, meanwhile, pulled in $80 million thanks to her global tour, Reputation, to come in at number three.

See the full list of the world’s highest paid women in music below:

Katy Perry ($83 million)

Taylor Swift ($80 million)

Beyoncé ($60 million)

Pink ($52 million)

Lady Gaga ($50 million)

Jennifer Lopez ($47 million)

Rihanna ($37.5 million)

Helene Fischer ($32 million)

Celine Dion ($31 million)

Britney Spears ($30 million)


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