This Is The Real Reason Why Simon Cowell And Little Mix Parted Ways

Why did Simon Cowell and Little Mix parted ways? The former X Factor winners, the most successful act on record label Syco, will no longer be working with Simon’s company.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Simon Cowell revealed that the decision to sever ties with Little Mix came all down to a feud over songwriting credits and the decision to record their new single Woman Like Me.

“It was just embarrassing but, funnily enough, I was more annoyed, again, not about me, but about the fact people who had worked so hard in my company were being misrepresented,” Simon said. “Why do artists think they’re more important than staff members? They’re not. They’re the same.”

He continued: “The irony was the record they were arguing about, which is Woman Like Me, they didn’t want to record. This was one of those ironic times that we were having a hit and nobody was happy.”

The music mogul insists the move “wasn’t down to money,” explaining: “Basically, they said we’d done a terrible job. I had agreed not to talk about this publicly because I thought it was a private matter. I said, ‘We can’t work with the management, it’s as simple as that’.”

Despite their fallout, Simon Cowell still praised Little Mix. “As I said in my email to them, I stand by the fact they are the hardest working bunch of girls I’ve ever worked with. They deserve everything they’ve got.”

Wonder if that last comment will make the reunion between Simon Cowell and Little Mix on The X Factor final next month a little less awkward…


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