Who Gets To Keep Paris Hilton’s $2 Million Engagement Ring? Twitter Debates

Paris Hilton’s $2 million engagement ring went from “that’s hot” to “that not yours.”

Nearly a year ago, hotel heiress Paris Hilton and the Leftovers star Chris Zylka got engaged. The actor bend down in one knee during a romantic getaway to Aspen at the beginning of the year.

“I said Yas!” the socialite announced on Instagram. “So happy & excited to be engaged to the love of my life. My best friend & soulmate,” she gushed, while showing off a gigantic, pear-shaped, 20-carat diamond ring.

It’s been widely speculated that Chris got a sweet discount for the stunning sparkler, valued in a whopping $2 million, thanks to her fiancée’s connections. “Paris knows the jewelry business, and Paris knows promotion. She got a great deal,” revealed a source close to the couple.

However, now that the couple have headed to Splitville instead of the altar, the one question on everyone’s mind is what will happen to the massive rock. While Paris’ fans argue the ring was given to her as a gift and, therefore, she’s allowed to keep it, others are weighing on Chris’ favor saying that he should definitely get it back.

Sound like a case for Judge Judy!

Click through our photo gallery above to see the heated debate happening on Twitter on the faith of Paris Hilton’s $2 million engagement ring.


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