10 Reasons Why Nick Jonas Will Be An Amazing Husband To Priyanka Chopra

As if there weren’t enough reasons already to envy Priyanka Chopra—she’s beautiful, talented, rich, and BFF to a real-life princess—, now she’s also married to the man of our dreams.

We won’t deny our hearts did break a little when we saw Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s breathtaking wedding pictures and realized those 13 years of fangirling over him were for nothing. However, we’re happy that Nick will finally reach his full potential and be the absolute best husband he was born to be—even if it isn’t to us.

Despite being only 26 years old, Nick Jonas has already proven numerous times that he is the epitome of husband material. From his good looks to his good heart, there are endless reasons why our favorite Jonas Brother (sorry, Kev and Joe!) will have us speechless, over the edge, just breathless with his spouse aptitudes.

In honor of their fairy tale wedding, here are 10 reasons why Nick Jonas will make a great hubby to the tremendously lucky Priyanka Chopra. Not the best way to cope with Nick’s recent nuptials. But hey—at least we get to fancy what could’ve been ours!


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