Are Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Hosting The Oscars?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend hosting the Oscars would make for some great television. And though the singer isn’t completely sold on the idea, he isn’t ruling it out either.

Ever since Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting the Academy Awards ceremony after some old homophobic tweets resurfaced, the Oscars have been struggling to find themselves a new host. Ideas have been thrown around as to who the next host will be, with Oprah and Steve Harvey making it clear they won’t take the gig after their names were brought up.

Now, John Legend is entering his name into the pool along with his wife Chrissy Teigen. However, he isn’t sure that’d be the best idea.

“I feel like it’s a thankless job,” the All Of Me hitmaker told The Hollywood Reporter. “Nobody really wins from hosting the Oscars. It doesn’t really end up great for anybody.”

However, Legend did say he would consider taking on the hosting duties if he was offered it. “I’m not saying we’re ruling it out.”

The unofficial queen of Twitter Chrissy Teigen took to her favorite platform to offer he own suggestion as to who should host the award show. Among the names on her list were Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ellen DeGeneres, or Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

“I like some of her suggestions. I thought they were cool,” Legend say, adding that Dwayne Johnson or Wanda Sykes would be two of his picks for the job.

So, are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend hosting the Oscars? Have they even been actually asked to do so? Or is John’s curious wording his way of letting the Academy know that they’d be open to being considered?


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