Instagram Replaced Scrolling with Swiping And The Internet Is Horrified

Instagram replaced scrolling with swiping and hell was unleashed.

All we’ve ever wanted from Instagram for the last couple years is to have the chronological feed restored. But instead of listening to our simple demands, here comes Instagram doing the most, yet again, with an unasked-for new layout that is by far the worst update ever.

On Thursday, grammers were shocked to find out that Instagram replaced scrolling with swiping. Instead of being able to swipe vertically to see your timeline, the new update is now forcing users to swipe horizontally.

And the reaction was almost universally negative.

Instagram’s new updated triggered an immediate outrage on social media, with angry users demanding to get the feed back to normal. Instagram has since reverted the update, but that didn’t spare them the outrage.

Click through our photo gallery above to see the infuriated reactions to the news that Instagram replaced scrolling with swiping. Thank you, Instagram, once again, for the updated nobody asked for.


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