Kim Reveals the Real Reason Why The Traditional Kardashian Christmas Card Won’t Be Happening This Year

If you were looking forward to the traditional Kardashian Christmas card, you’re bound to a real disappointment. According to Kim herself, the famous reality TV family won’t release their traditional holiday greetings this year.

While at her one of her KKW Beauty pop-up shops, Mrs. West chatted with E! News and among other things, she discusses the very “dramatic” reasons for the lack of a festive family picture for 2018.

“I have to say, in thanks to last year’s Christmas card, that really did just f**k us over. That was so dramatic,” the mother of 3 explained.

Kim also added that, considering so many of the Kardashians and Jenners are mother to multiple kids now, it’s even harder to get everyone together for a photo shoot. “Kris Jenner has given up,” the makeup mogul added. “She just is like ‘I don’t have the energy to wrangle all my kids anymore, and their kids.”

As fans of Keeping up With the Kardashians know all too well, it was the holiday photo shoot that led to an explosive fight when trying to come up with a schedule to shoot the card.

“I need Kourtney to not be so f*cking annoying with a stick up her a** like she runs this sh*t because she doesn’t. She is the least exciting to look at,” Kim infamously said of her oldest sister.

So, with that in mind, cancelling this year’s Kardashian Christmas card was probably for the best.


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