The Internet Is Divided Over Queen Elizabeth’s Gold Piano

Is Queen Elizabeth’s gold piano a historic relic or a new way of rubbing her wealth in our proletariat faces?

During her traditional annual Christmas speech, the reigning monarch talked, among other things, about goodwill towards men, self-sacrifice and assisting the poor.

But it wasn’t just her address what was memorable. A massive gold piano sitting in the backdrop quickly caught the attention of political observers. The palace fixture, which was purchased by Queen Victoria, sparked a heated debate on social media about how out of touch the royal family is with the rest of the U.K. However, some loyal subject of the Queen argued she’s entitled to royal decadence because, well, birthright.

Click through our photo gallery above to see the outraged reactions that Queen Elizabeth’s gold piano set off on Twitter. Wonder what’s going to happen when people find out she has money with her face printed on…


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