Ariana Grande’s And 10 Other Misspelled Celebrity Tattoos

Ariana Grande’s “BBQ Grill” ink is the latest in a long list of misspelled celebrity tattoos.

To celebrate her newest single 7 rings, pop super star Ariana Grande got a kanji tattoo on her palm. Unfortunately, she ended up celebrating “small charcoal grill” instead. In an now-deleted photo of the tat on her official Instagram page, fans were quick to point out the hilarious misspelling.

The kanji character 七 means “seven,” while 輪 means “hoop,” “circle,” “ring,” or “wheel.” However, when you put them together, the meaning is different! 七輪 (shichirin) is a “small charcoal grill” and not “seven rings,” which is written differently in Japanese.

Luckily, Grande didn’t seem to bothered by the error. And perhaps that is because she isn’t the first—and surely won’t be the last—A-lister to permanently stamp herself with a misspell.

From Ariana Grande’s to David Beckham’s to Rihanna’s, here are 10 of the worst/funniest/strangest misspelled celebrity tattoos. This takes the phrase “learning to live with your mistakes” to a whole new level.


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