Celebrity Deaths In 2018: Looking Back At 20 Stars We Lost This Year

There were a slew of celebrity deaths in 2018 that broke the world’s collective heart.

If 2017 felt like a celebrity death epidemic—including the unexpected deaths of the young Lil Peep, gone at just 21, and Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington—, 2018 was filled with a whole new group of unforeseen farewells.

From the rather soon passing of Avicii, Mac Miller, and Anthony Bourdain to the lost of legendary names including Stephen Hawking, Stan Lee and Aretha Franklin, the world said goodbye to many famous faces in 2018.

As we welcome the new year, click through our photo gallery to remember a few of the great talents we lost this year. Here’s a list of the mot notable celebrity deaths in 2018.


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