Gigi Hadid Is Being Sued For Posting This Picture On Her Instagram

Gigi Hadid is being sued for posting a copyright-protected image of herself on her Instagram page. Just when you thought Instagram was all about posting pictures of yourself…

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the supermodel is facing a lawsuit by a company called Xclusive-Lee Inc., who says it owns the rights to a photo of Hadid taken in October that she posted and later deleted on Instagram that same month.

The suit also claims that the 23-year-old should have known better when it came to posting the photo. Why? Because she was sued for a near-identical issue in 2017. Xclusive-Lee Inc isis suing for damage and for any profits she may have made from using the photo.

Days after removing the photo from her page in October, Hadid posted a note in which she alluded to a lawsuit and slammed the paparazzi for the lengths they go to in order to get a photo.

“These people make money off of us every day, LEGALLY stalking us day in and day out—for nothing special,” the model wrote. She continued: “To the paparazzi, I understand that this is how you make your living, and I respect that this is something I must accept with my job. But there is a line.”

Despite being a model, it’s clear Gigi Hadid isn’t always comfortable in front of the camera. Or the paparazzo’s at least.


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