Gina Rodriguez’ Tearful Interview About “Devastating” Anti-Black Claims Enrages Twitter

We love a good weepy scene in Jane the Virgin. But nobody is buying Gina Rodriguez’ tearful interview addressing those anti-black comments.

It looks like Gina Rodriguez was deeply hurt by the claims that she is anti-black after sparking criticism with comments on women’s pay. And now the actress is defending herself against the racism accusations—and crying while doing so.

“The backlash was devastating, to say the least,” Gina said as she began to get emotional. “The black community was the only community I looked towards growing up. We didn’t have many Latino shows and the black community made me feel like I was seen. So to get anti-black is saying I’m anti-family.”

The actress further explained the criticism towards her was especially overwhelming because her dad is a “dark-skinned” Afro-Latino, as are many members of her family.

During a roundtable interview las year, the Jane The Virgin actress was met with fury when she claimed black woman get paid more than their Latina and Asian counterparts. However, this isn’t the first time Rodriguez has been called out for being anti-Black.

The first time the actress was put under fire was in 2017, when she hosted a Latina Power Lunch with America Ferrara for women in Hollywood. People were disappointed to see there were few AfroLatinas in attendance.

Her recent address on said accusations, however, didn’t sit well with Twitter. Many people on social media dubbed her tears and excuses as disingenuous and fake. So perhaps next time Gina Rodriguez’ tearful interview should be replaced for a simple, sincere apology.


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