Meet Rob Kardashian’s New Girlfriend: 8 Things About Alexis Skyy

Rob Kardashian’s new girlfriend also happens to be Blac Chyna’s new nemesis.

The only Kardashian male is not only crushing on Alexis Skyy. He’s also dinning with her. Days after calling the former stripper his “WCW”—or Women Crush Wednesday for the non-millennials—, the two took things to another level IRL by having dinner together at Rob’s house.

However, the proximity in time between Skyy and Kardashian’s romantic encounter and her altercation with Blac Chyna screams all sorts of pettiness on Rob’s side. Is he really falling for Alexis or is he just trying to shade his baby mamma?

As we continue to keep up with the situation, here are 8 things you should know about Alexis Skky, Rob Kardashian’s new girlfriend. Could there be a new reality TV show in the Kardashian horizon?


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