Millie Bobby Brown Defends Stalker, Murderer Character In ‘You’

Not even a week since Penn Badgley voiced his unwillingness to allow his fans to fancy Joe, Millie Bobby Brown is now defending the stalker, murderer character in ‘You’.

She may seem mature. She may be award-winning actress. She may be a staple on the “Best Dressed” list. But Millie Bobby Brown just reminded the world that she’s an impressionable 14-year-old with her recent and very much so wrong take on ‘You.’

The Stranger Things star took to Instagram this week to defend the stalker character, Joe Goldberg, despite the laundry list of crimes he commits throughout the show—including murder.

“He’s not creepy, he’s in love with her, and it’s OK,” she said in a now-deleted Instagram Story before admitting she’s obsessed with the show and binge-watching. Millie then defended herself: “I know everyone’s going to say ‘aww, he’s a stalker. Why would you support that?’ No, like, he’s in love with her.”

However, even Penn Badgley agrees that we need to stop romanticizing Joe. Which makes sense considering he is literally creep and all round Not Good Guy.

Millie Bobby Brown defending the stalker, murderer character in ‘You’ only goes to show that, despite her new-found success in Hollywood, she’s still the definition of a pre-teen. No only does she has no idea what adult love really is, but she’s also proof that any kid could be easily manipulated by a man like Joe. Which is why we hope and someone in her life steps in and slaps Drake down.

Perhaps she should’ve stayed with Jacob Sartorius. Even if the world loved to hate on their teen romance. Which is also seriously creepy.


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