Twitter Ain’t Buying Kendall Jenner’s Acne Story


Just when we thought the Kardashians couldn’t be more out of touchKendall Jenner’s acne is her “most raw story”. However, unlike Kris Jenner predicted, people aren’t moved—they are annoyed.

On Saturday, everyone’s favorite momager urged her nearly 10 million Twitter followers to keep an eye out Sunday night for a special announcement on her model daughter’s account. Featuring hashtags like #bethechange, #shareyourstory and #mydaughterinspiresme, Kris’ tweet lead people to think Kendall’s big shocking announcement was her coming out story.

But instead of becoming the bisexual queen we we’re all expecting, Kendall announced she’s the new face for Proactiv. So, needless to say, Kendall confessing in a video that she suffered from acne and that it was the Proactiv products what cleared it up was exceptionally disappointing, to say the least.

Click through our photo gallery above to see the best reactions to Kendall Jenner’s acne story, the most anticlimactic moment of 2019 thus far.


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