Who Is Kate Beckinsale? Meet Pete Davidson’s New Fling

Who is Kate Beckinsale? Learn everything there’s to know about Pete Davidson’s thank u, next.

Just last month, the Saturday Night Live star alarmed his fans when shared a suicidal post following his dramatic split with Ariana Grande. But it seems like Pete Davidson is slowly working his way through the breakup with the help of his unlikely new friend (?) Kate Beckinsale.

Though the 25-year-old comedian and the actress arrived at the Netflix Golden Globes party separated, after striking up a conversation for almost an hour, the pair reportedly left together.

“They were kind of flirty,” a source inside the swanky shindig revealed. “Kate was really into whatever it was Pete was saying to her. She was pretty loose and carefree.”

So who is Kate Beckinsale? Does she have what it takes to fill Ariana Grande’s high heel shoes? Click through our photo gallery above to learn everything you need to know about the talented actress and Pete Davidson’s alleged new fling.


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