10 Celebrities Who Had Trouble With Immigration Law

21 Savage was recently arrested by immigration officials on Super Bowl Sunday for long overstaying his visa. The rapper, however, is only the latest in a long list of celebrities who had trouble with immigration law.

21 Savage, legally known as She-yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was granted a release on bond after nine days in US Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody. He entered the country illegally in 2005 and stayed in the US after his nonimmigrant visa expired a year later. 21 Savaged had long claimed to be an Atlanta native.

Since last year, the President of the United States has been trying to put new laws in place which would change how immigrants can enter the country. Ironically, is the laws that he wasn’t to put into effect were in place back in the 90’s, trouble wouldn’t have be able to marry Melania, who was also arguably an illegal immigrant. Nor we would enjoy of some of our favorite Hollywood stars.

From 21 Savage, to Melania Trump, to Justin Bieber, here’s a list of some celebrities who had trouble with immigration law and could have been or were deported.


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