Beyoncé Is Challenging Fans To Go Vegan And Win Concert Tickets For Life

Beyoncé is challenging fans to go vegan and Twitter is ready to start munching on a lawn.

Queen Bey took to Instagram earlier this week to announce The Greenprint Project Sweepstakes. The campaign encourages her fans to start incorporating plant-based meals into their diet. Those who participate will be entered to win the ultimate prize—up to 30 years of free tickets to see Mr. and Mrs. Carter in concert.

And while the “for life” part has sent the Beyhive into a plant-based frenzy, “a chance” has others feeling a bit skeptical. And some are simply not willing to give up chorizo—not even for Beyoncé herself.

Find the best reactions to the news that Beyoncé ischallenging her fans to go vegan in our photo gallery above. Don’t forget to stuff your face with lettuce and spinach while you click through.


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