Caitlyn Jenner And Her Daughters Fight Over Skincare Line Continues

Caitlyn Jenner and her daughters have had their fair number of feuds throughout the years. And though they’ve managed to work out some of them, this skincare line debacle doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Last year Caitlyn Jenner applied to trademark Skincare by Jenner and Jenner Skincare. However, the Olympic medalist turned reality TV star has recently received a letter from the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) stating that the father’s submissions are way too similar to the ones already registered by his ex-wife Kris Jenner and their children Kylie and Kendall.

The USPTO office made it clear that Jenner Skincare could confuse customers into believing the rest of the infamously famous family were associated wit the products. Especially because so many of Kris and her daughter’s registered trademarks are connected with beauty and skincare. The USPTO cited Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner as one example.

However, officials did give the 69-year-old the greenlights to use Caitlyn Jenner Skincare and Skincare By Caitlyn Jenner because there was no scope for confusion.

Removing her first name would be the easiest way to solve this trademark battle between Caitlyn Jenner and her daughters. However, the tension might continue within the family, as Kylie reportedly plans to start her own skincare line.

Daughter and father would be rivaling one another! Worthy of a Game of Thrones episode. Or, you know, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


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