Fans Are Panicking That Lady Gaga and Christian Carino May Have Broken Up

Ever since A Star Is Born, people have enthusiastically shipped the idea of Stefani Germanotta and Bradly Cooper getting together, despite both already being in serious relationships. However, today there’s a million reason one more reason to believe our fantasy is going to play out.

Monsters are panicking that Lady Gaga and Christian Carino, her fiancée for over a year, might have broken up.

Rumors started when the singer-turned-actress arrived at the Grammys solo and proceeded to walk the red carpet alone. Not only that, but people where quick to notice her engagement ring was conspicuously missing. And as if that wasn’t enough evidence, when she won three Grammy Awards that night, Gaga didn’t thank or mention Christian once.

While it is entirely possible there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on here, fans are worried that all these add up to indicate Lady Gaga and Christian Carino are no longer together. Click through our photo gallery to see al the reactions to their possible fall out.


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