Mac Miller and Cazzie David Supported Each Other After Their Splits With Ariana And Pete

The world watched as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson dominated entertainment news with their rushed and very public relationship. What we didn’t see was Mac Miller and Cazzie David bonding as they both dealt with the aftermath of a heartbreak.

People were shocked when Mac Miller’s mom, Karen Meyers, showed up to the 2019 Grammy Awards with Cazzie David. However, their friendship actually makes sense considering the late rapper and the actress became close after their respective breakups.

“Cazzie and Mac never met, but started speaking because of Ariana and Pete’s relationships,” a source told Us Weekly. “[They] leaned on each other.”

Then, after Miller’s tragic passing in September 2018, David apparently reached out to his mother through social media, and the two formed a special friendship, just like she did with Mac Miller.

“It’s still very relatively new friendship, and primarily limited to social media, but Cazzie and Karen think very highly of each other,” a source revealed. “Cazzie and Mac’s mom have become extremely close and talk almost every day. Mac’s mom loves her.”

So if Ariana think Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale’s romance is “cute”, is it possible she feels the same way about the bond between Mac Miller an Cazzie David?


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