Are Ariana Grande and Big Sean Back Together?

Reconciliation rumors are swirling around Ariana Grande and Big Sean.

On Wednesday night, the former couple, who dated for eight months back in 2015, was spotted reuniting outside a recording studio in Los Angeles. According to reports, Grande arrived at the studio first, and then Sean met up with her there. Following their reunion—and possible recording session— the exes ended up leaving together in his ride.

The 30-year-old rapper and 25-year-old singer’s reunion comes weeks after fans speculated her latest single break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored was about Sean. And though Ariana shot down Arianator’s theories saying the track wasn’t about anyone in particular, she wasn’t so shy when she addressed him in her single thank u, next.

As fans know, Ari blatantly flirted with Sean on the track’s music video when she described him as “so cute, so sweet” in her “Burn Book.” Ariana also mentioned three of her other exes—Mac Miller, Pete Davidson, and Ricky Alvarez. However, Sean’s page was the only one that read “could still get it.”

And after this suspicious reunion between Ariana Grande and Big Sean, it seems like he could still get it, indeed!


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