Angelina Jolie Drops Brad Pitt’s Last Name

While women around the world dream of sharing Brad Pitt’s last name with the heartthrob, Angelina Jolie is happy to have finally gotten rid of it. Proving that she’s ready to move on in more ways than one, the actress recently dropped “Pitt” from her name as their messy divorce continues.

Three years since announcing their split, the Oscar winner is now reverting back to ger original name: simply, Angelina Jolie. “It is very important for the stars to emotionally break away from each other and begin their new single lives,” a source close to the couple told The Blast.

Though the pair is no longer sharing Brad Pitt’s last name, their separation still isn’t legally settled. However, Angie and Brad’s unmarried status has been restored due to a legal move known as bifurcation, which allows them to declare themselves as legally single before the actual process is finalized.

However, it shouldn’t be long before Brangelina’s divorce finally wraps, since the couple managed to reach a custody agreement in which they agreed to share physical and legal custody of their six children— even if Maddox and Pax are not in good terms with their father.

Will they be dropping Brad Pitt’s last name too?


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