Kylie Cosmetics’ Kybrow Collection Is Coming For Your Eyebrows

She built her billion-dollar empire on her infamously famous pouty lips. But with a realm of eyeshadows, highlighters, and even a setting spray, Kylie Cosmetics has proven to be much more than just lip kits. And her upcoming Kybrow Collection is further proof of it.

“New products alert,” the brand announced on Instagram with a video of Kylie Jenner in full close-up, stretching her perfectly arched and blended brows. “A full Kybrow Collection is coming to in exactly a week,” the caption reads.

The announcement was soon followed by a detailed description of the product line. The Kybrow Collection consists of a brown pencil, pomade, powder duo, gel, brush, and even two different formulas of brow highlighter.

And if the announcement of her new product wasn’t hot enough, the commercial shared on Jenner’s social media also teases new music by her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott.

Kylie’s new offering will be available online on April 29. And if the launch resembles any of the makeup mogul’s prior releases, you’re going to want to get in quick!


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