Jared Leto Tried to Stop Joker from Being Made, Allegedly

As if going down in history as the most forgettable Clown Prince of Crime wasn’t already enough reason to hate him, rumor has it Suicide Squad’s actor Jared Leto tried to stop Joker from being made, proving he can, in fact, be evil after all.

Insiders alleged to The Hollywood Reporter that the Oscar-winning actor was so upset about Todd Phillips’ Batman villain movie that he went out of his way to prevent the film from being made. According to reports, Jared Leto complained to his agents at CAA—who also represent Phillips—as well as his music manager, Irving Azoff, to call high-ups at Warner Bros and have them kill the production entirely.

Overall, Jared Leto tried to stop Joker from happening because he felt “alienated” and betrayed after the company supposedly promised him his own standalone Joker movie and instead greenlighted Joaquin Phoenix’s.

The actor-rocker’s wicked plan majorly failed, however, as Joker has now become one of DC’s highest-grossing films of all time and will no doubt put Joaquin Phoenix in line for a couple Oscars.

And though a rep for Jared Leto has denied the rumors, the fact that he has since left CAA for rival agent company WME, that Azoff no longer works with him, and that the upcoming Harley Quinn movie won’t feature his Joker, all indicate that his days as the green-haired baddie are indeed most likely over.

Perhaps his bizarre gifts to his Suicide Squad co-stars—which included bullets for Will Smith, a live rat for Margot Robbie, and a dead pig to the entire ensemble cast—didn’t amuse the studio as much as he thought they would!


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