10 Celebrity Reaction to the Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun Drama

The Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun drama has escalated. Five months after her first blow, the singer has spoken out again in denouncement of the record label boss and his business partner, Scott Borchetta, of allegedly blocking her from performing her own songs at the upcoming American Music Awards, and possibly stalling her Netflix documentary.

“Scott Borchetta told my team that they’ll allow me to use my music only if I do these things: If I agree to not re-record copycat versions of my songs next year (which is something I’m both legally allowed to do and looking forward to) and also told my team that I need to stop talking about him and Scooter Braun,” she wrote on Instagram.

The Look What You Made Me Do hitmaker ended her statement by imploring other musicians to speak out in support of her. And though neither Ariana Grande nor Demi Lovato—both of whom are represented by Big Machine Records—have said anything, other famous names have spoken up.

Click through our photo gallery above to see all the reactions to the Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun drama, from the ones who rally behind the singer, to the A-listers who have placed themselves on the other side of Swifties.


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