A Look Back at Demi Lovato’s Dating History

Sorry not sorry, but Demi Lovato’s dating history keeps getting more and more complicated. After only weeks of going Instagram official with Austin Wilson, the pair has now officially broken up because their lifestyles apparently didn’t “mesh” well together.

“Their lifestyles were not meshing,” a source revealed. “She’s very focused on her sobriety and God and it wasn’t a good fit for that. She’s still working on herself and committed to that.”

And though it seems like her relationship with Austin didn’t suit Demi’s new way of life, in the past she has relied on her significant other to help her through her battles, including and eating disorder and substance abuse.

From her first high profile relationship, to her fellow recovering addicts, and long-term BFs, here’s a look back at Demi Lovato’s dating history.


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