Taylor Swift Kicked Justin Bieber Out of a Gym

Taylor Swift kicked Justin Bieber out of a gym and this is our daily reminder that these two pop stars are definitely not friends.

Things got awkward this weekend when Taylor and Justin accidentally almost crossed paths between workouts at a gym in Los Angeles. As the story goes, the Yummy hitmaker, along with others at the location, were told they needed to leave as his nemesis had booked the gym for a private session. However, Biebs and his team refused to exit unless given the opportunity to finish his workout first.

Even though we would have loved for this almost run-in to be more dramatic, apparently Justin “had no idea it was Taylor who had requested the gym be cleared,” and it’s likely that she didn’t know that Justin was there before her.

Wrong place at the wrong time, anyone?

News that Taylor Swift kicked Justin Bieber out of a gym is just the latest incident in their strained relationship. The two came to blows back in June 2019 when Bieber publicly defended his longtime manager, Scooter Braun, shortly after Swift slammed him for withholding her masters.

A few months later Justin came to Scooter’s defense again after Taylor accused him of not letting her perform her music at the 2019 AMAs.

Revenge sure is a dish best served cold… and sweaty, according to Tay.


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