Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Baby: Why They Will Be Terrific Parents

We have to admit our hearts did break a little when this two got married. However, today, the news of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s baby has already made of 2020 our favorite years thus far! Not only because it means their blessed genes will continue to live on for at least one more generation, but also because we know the not-so-newlyweds will make terrific parents!

Their undeniable attractiveness, silly sense of humor, love for animals, and exceptional talents—not to mention their whooping combined net worth—already make us jealous of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s baby!

Just when we thought that envying Stormi Webster was crazy enough…

Celebrating the fore coming arrival of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s baby, here 10 reasons why this two will kill the “being a parent” game. Not the best way to cope with their marriage, but hey—at least we get to fancy what could’ve been ours!


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